Artist. It's what I wanted to be when I grew up.

"And maybe it's a poet's town" [Nelson Algren, "Chicago on the Make" 1951]
Watercolor, ink, and marker on Arches 300 lb. paper. 30" X 22"

October 2017
Using some of Carl Sandburg's 100-year-old words, I made a movie with watercolors to bring attention to the gun violence epidemic in Chicago. This 4-minute piece focuses only on the victims during October, 2017.

Its colors, people, sounds and smells are a limitless source of energy and inspiration. Live in Chicago long enough and the city becomes part of your soul.

27 Turkeys
Small watercolors delivered to 27 work colleagues prior to Thanksgiving 2018.

Head in the Clouds_2018.jpg

100 Clichés
I posted a digital illustration of a cliché on Instagram with the following message, "Guess the cliché correctly in the comments and look for a new illustration the next day. Up to 100." It turned into an interactive guessing game with participants from all over the world.