Jonathan Lurie
Mixed Media Artist

A perpetual student of art, culture, and history, Chicago based mixed media artist Jonathan Lurie combines strong relational skills garnered from an extensive career in business, sales, and promotions with an extensive arts education, providing him the opportunity to ponder such themes as the finite nature of time, the infinite nature of timelessness, perspective, and the human condition.

Lurie’s works reflect his fascination with the ever static, but also ever-changing nature of things both natural and man-made. Major themes across many of his series include: the exploration of an object or landscape from many different perspectives based upon the time it is observed, peace and social justice, and an obvious fascination with both the static as well as evolutional nature of the big city he calls home.  Currently working in watercolor, Lurie’s mediums also include photography, oil, acrylic, sketches, sculpture, and video. His career highlights include: All that is Solid group exhibition at Alibi Fine Arts; installation of “Chicago” series paintings in eleven different Chicago neighborhood themed conference rooms at SmithBucklin;  featured artist in The Chicagoist; and photography featured in The Wall Street Journal. 

On any given day you can find Lurie on the train with a sketchbook under his arm, at home in his art studio, reading up on his subjects, and generally pushing his own boundaries.