London Proposal, 2016

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This month's postcard called London Proposal and, as you can see below, is actually a photographic montage of a London mansion and a digital illustration of an astronaut. 
Original photograph and montage with digital illustration.

Original photograph and montage with digital illustration.

I've titled this London Proposal, because it isn't a real mural, just an idea. The photograph was made while I was visiting London in April 2016. It looked like a nice plain building surface that could accommodate a large mural. While in London I was looking at fine art in the Tate Museums and street art on Brick Lane and in Shoreditch. I made the montage after the June 23, 2016 referendum that resulted in British citizens voting to exit the European Union, known as "Brexit." 
I was thinking about proposals and how they are an idea put forth for consideration. To be accepted, a proposal for a mural on the surface of a building must be viewed as an improvement or an upgrade and worth the effort. It is up to the building owner to decide if the proposal is worthwhile. In the same way, Brexit was an idea or proposal for a better United Kingdom and its citizens decided that it would lead toward betterment. In selecting the colossal untethered spacewalking astronaut as the subject for this montage, I am inviting conversation about isolationism and the many potential impacts on world. The astronaut seems well protected with helmet and space suit, but how long will he are she survive without the tether?