About halfway up the arm of Cape Cod is a town called Wellfleet. The land that separates Cape Cod Bay to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east is no more than a mile at the narrowest and less than four miles at the widest point.
To say that this small sliver of land is abundant in artistic inspiration is a mathematical understatement. If Cape Cod were to be a denominator, the numerators would include Henry David Thoreau, Henry Henche, Harry Callahan, Charles Webster Hawthorne, Edward Hopper and Joel Meyerowitz to name just a few who experienced its tidal waters, fresh air and distinctive light.
At the encouragement of my cousin Howard we started to visit in June 2007 for one week. One week eventually became two and two weeks evolved into other visits during the off-season autumn and winter. This is a collection of photographs from nearly ten years of visits to Wellfleet and the outer Cape.